Techsas International (Pvt) Ltd. is a High-tech organization specializing in mobile phone and equipment design, research & development, and marketing with solid core management and research & development strength. Greentel is a fully owned brand by Techsas International (Pvt) Ltd. Our key activities are Import, Procurement, Manufacture, Warehouse, Supply, Wholesale and Retail of all types of digital devices and providing after-sales services. The company has taken all the measures to minimize the effect on the environment and Human Health. Greentel mobiles have been tested as per the European standards and come with superior quality. We encourage our customers to recycle their mobile phones within Sri Lanka by giving attractive offers to replace their expired Greentel mobiles with the latest fresh ones at a concession rate. We have an island-wide branch network with more than 10,000 retail stores and dealers. Our focus has always been on designing and developing best-in-class products for our customers across the globe along with expanding our product portfolio into newer verticals. We work closely with our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to develop products that address new industry opportunities and meet customer needs in an increasingly technology-dependent world. We embrace flexible platforms that help businesses attract targeted clients and assist consumers’ buying decisions and ensure a measurable impact on their business. Innovation, performance, and customer satisfaction are the main drivers of our Company and we remained true to our values and principles and which makes us different from our competitors. We have been looming large with every passing year by introducing innovative phone features and a spectacular outlook uniquely designed to keep up the competitive zone. Techsas International (Pvt) Ltd's after-sales service network is one of the largest in the country, with close to 300+ professionally managed service centers focused on speed and quality of service.

Customer Service
We strongly believe that respectable customer relationship and sustaining customer satisfaction is fundamental in any business to survive in the market, therefore we give extreme importance to our customer service. Our team comprises of well-experienced and highly qualified professional staff, who treat every customer well with their great responsibility, efficiency, and dedication to ensure that the customers get the best service on time regardless of the customer requirement, whether it is a small or large quantity of supply.

Our History

Introduction of Greentel A8 Tab and other product range with 4G technology

Workforce reached to 750 employees Introduction of Study Budy App

Remarkable year- recorded the highest topline for the last 20 years

Completion of 20M Research Project Introduction of Greentel x1 Light LTE product range to Sri Lanka Opening of brand-new office complex and showroom More warehouse space- 10 more warehouses added and Distribution Network further strengthened. Workforce reached 500- and 50 more warehouses to improve storage capacity 2006-2010 Started After Sales Service Centre in Sri Lanka

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